Passionate about building playgrounds.

At Crazy Concepts we want to create playgrounds and play areas that children find simply irresistable. We specialise in indoor and outdoor play and would love to assist you in creating your dream play area, unique to your business, school or park. We have a range of products that can compliment your play area in various ways.



We believe that a play area should be welcoming and engaging to the children that use them. They should include different activities so that children can actively explore according to their needs and personalities. It should include space to play alone and space to play in groups. Our ranges include products that can enhance your play space into a wonder world of imaginary play.

Build your playground by using elements from across our product range. Use one of our large play structures as a main feature on your playground. Add to that by including stand-alone playhouses and accessories to create different activity areas on your playground.

If you are lost and need some guidance of what range to look at, or how to start building your play area, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Otherwise, have fun exploring our site and we hope you are inspired by what you see.crawl-tunnels