AXI offers a range of wooden playhouses for children from 3 – 12 years. With lovely colors & beautiful details the playhouses are a real eye-catcher.

In and around an Axi playhouse, children can climb, slide and discover to their heart’s content. An Axi playhouse is a child-sized fantasy home. Some playhouses come with their own veranda while others have a slide or a sandbox. Use our KBT accessories to add additional function and imaginative play to your playhouse.

Easy to assemble, all AXI playhouses are supplied with pre-drilled, ready-to-fit, painted panels. It really is child’s play! The only thing you need to do is piece together the panels with a few easy steps, following the easy to use manuals supplied.

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*Please note that slides and accessories are sold separately.

AXI playhouses are made from Asian cedar wood (100% FSC wood) and is sourced from carefully managed, sustainable plantation forests.

What is FSC Wood? Click here to read more.