Keebee Activity Panels

Durable. Dependable. Play Activities. Designed for children aged two to eight. Play Activities engage fine-motor skills and encourage quiet play.

Blue Rabbit Jungle Gyms

With our Blue Rabbit Wooden Jungle Gyms you can now build attractive, durable and completely safe jungle gyms for your children, all by yourself. And you can do it in less than no time. 

Thermark Playground Markings

Floor markings for your playground. Promoting healthy outdoor activities and education. An amazing addition to your existing playground or it can be incorporated into your design from the beginning.

Indoor Play

Quality indoor and outdoor playground equipment to build your dream play area!

Crazy Concepts is an importer and distributor of quality playground equipment and toys. All our designs are based on the characteristics that children will enjoy! Our driving force is to promote the physical and mental progress of every child, challenge their abilities and promote imaginative play. We want to supply genuine pleasure with new, exciting and fun equipment. Since opening our doors in 2006, we have expanded our brand collection to cover babies, toddlers and teens, offering unique toys and equipment to suit all ages. From the smallest goods, to suit individual needs, right up to the biggest play structures imaginable, suited for home, schools, parks and party venues. And all of this under one roof!