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We specialise in indoor and outdoor play and would love to assist you in creating your dream play area, unique to your business, school or park. We have a range of products that can complement your play area in various ways. Read More

Playground Design comes to life with HAGS

This Swedish product is our high-end exclusive product. As sole-agent for HAGS in South Africa and neighbouring countries we are able to draw from the expertise of HAGS designers, working together to create outstanding outdoor areas. Our HAGS Range offers

Themed Outdoor Play Structures

Play Structures and Playgrounds that will trigger any imagination! The innovative designs of our Outdoor Play Structures are aimed at developing skills like crawling, climbing, sliding, swinging, walking, turning, jumping etc. Suitable for children 3-15 years of age. The beautiful

Toddler Play Systems

Toddler Play Systems – designed with toddlers in mind. Our toddler play systems cater for ages 2-5 years of age. Smaller slides and lower steps and platforms make it easier for a toddler to navigate and explore the play system

Outdoor Gym Equipment

HAGS Outdoor Gym Equipment Exercising is fundamental in helping to improve people’s health and well-being. Our HAGS Outdoor Gym Equipment promote and improve cardiovascular training and toning. Our range covers a number of exercises, making it possible to train various

Keebee Play

Durable. Dependable. Play Activities Designed for children aged two to eight. Play Activities engage fine-motor skills and encourage quiet play. Play Activities provide hands on manipulative play. There are no messes to clean. There are no loose parts or pieces

Indoor Play – Soft Play Systems for indoor play areas

Make indoor play a multi activity, multi level experience. Our Crazy Play Indoor Play Systems are custom designed according to your specific needs and area dimensions. These systems are suitable for any indoor play area. We have more than 40

Blue Rabbit Jungle Gyms

Put your own jungle gyms together with a choice of towers, swings and various modules. With our Blue Rabbit Wooden Jungle Gyms you can now build attractive, durable and completely safe jungle gyms for your children, all by yourself. And

Wooden Playhouses for Kids

AXI offers a range of wooden playhouses for children from 3 – 12 years. With lovely colors & beautiful details the playhouses are a real eye-catcher. In and around an Axi playhouse, children can climb, slide and discover to their

Step2 Toys – Quality Toys for Kids

Step2 Toys – Quality Toys for Kids Step2 Toys is a quality product range that will have your toddler busy for hours on end. The bright colours and individual designs will engage any child and encourage social play, role-play and

Rubberized Playground Elements

A special range of  Rubberized Playground Elements We are so excited to represent a new generation of stunning rubberized playground elements, suitable for kids 3-6 years old. These oversized animal friends are covered in a soft rubber surface and can

Playground Toys Collection – Crazy Play Range

Playground Toys and Equipment – Our Crazy Play Range Our Crazy Play Range consists of a variety of playground toys and equipment that we trust in and has been popular over the years. Some of these products we manufacture locally

Playground Accessories KBT – swings, slides, ropes

Playground Accessories Kids swings, baby swings, slides, acrobatics, climbing, sports, imagination, spring riders. This range covers every corner of your playground and allows combination of equipment that can add to the holistic development of ever child. Commercial Products Our KBT

Outdoor Play Structures – More

 Outdoor Play Structures that have been popular throughout the years These outdoor systems are some of our old time favourites. Although we have new systems, these older designs can  still be manufactured. The design will be updated with new features