ut your own jungle gyms together with a choice of towers, swings and various modules.

With our Blue Rabbit Wooden Jungle Gyms you can now build attractive, durable and completely safe jungle gyms for your children, all by yourself. And you can do it in less than no time. With the delivered components and the matching manuals from the Blue Rabbit® building boxes you can build safe and attractive playground equipment without a hitch. You only need to buy the timber separately. Alternatively you can let us do the whole package and install for you.


  1. Purchase your Jungle Gym KIT from Crazy Concepts or any of our stockists.
  2. Purchase your wood and get them cut to the sizes specified in the manual (WOOD IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE KIT).
    We can help with this or you can use our own supplier.
  3. Build your Jungle Gym. Use the manuals provided inside the KIT to built the structure.
  4. Finally, add your preference of slides, swings, acrobatics and other accessories to complete your structure.
    see example here

WOOD GUARD/VARNISH of your choice need to be applied before you assemble your structure.
PLEASE NOTE: Holes are NOT pre-drilled.


No problem. Crazy Concepts can install your jungle gym for you. 


We use New Zealand Fir, 90x90mm, cut and finished to specs. We do NOT pre-drill holes.

We advise using high quality wood for the Blue Rabbit jungle gyms to avoid problems during assembly and to assure a sturdy construction. It is important to use dry wood that has been sawn outside the heart and is free of cracks. Cracks and shrinkage as a result of drying can lead to bolted and screwed connections coming loose or even dropping out of the wood.

To prevent damage by insects or wood-rot, we advise to use either pressure treated softwood or hardwood. Make sure you choose wood with rounded corners to satisfy the TÜV standards and to guarantee the safety of your children.

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